The Phenomenon of Late Marriage in China

Topics: Marriage, Demography, Population Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: December 10, 2010
The Phenomenon of Late Marriage in China
It is a generally noted phenomenon that Chinese tend to get married later than they used to especially in big cities. Across the country, we observe virtually everywhere that the rate of marriage becoming lower year after year. Chinese used to marry before twenty- five years old. But now, some youngsters go study further; some devoted in their career; some who have dated one after other still refuse to step into the palace of marriage. Careful observation and elaborate thinking convinced me that the issue happens because of the objective and subject. According to a survey conducted by Chinese Academy of Social Science, the number of marriage continues to decline especially in big city. (The Chinese get married late increasingly)But why does this happen? And how will it affect the future? While thinking deeply, I came up with some ideas about this issue. Objectively thinking, the overload burden takes too much pressure to the youngsters. Pressure like educations, works, transportations, houses, love comes form every where occupy youngsters’ whole lives. Firstly, the price of houses is too high for youngster to support. House slaves, also called Ant people, stands for people who usually work in big city have lots of housing debt to support. You definitely need to have a shelter before getting married. Secondly, transportation occupies too much time. Neither do they have time to date someone, nor do they get married. Thirdly, low employment rate nowadays, youths trend to study further than before in order to avoid the pressure. All of above will probably make youths get married late. Thinking logically at first, many people get married later just because they are not ready to get married. It can be divided into two aspects. One is material basis, the other is mental. Speaking of material basis, youths between twenty and thirty don’t have economy standard. And people still in school are fed by their...
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