The Phar-Mor Code of Ethics

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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The Phar-Mor Code of Ethics

Phar-Mor strives to be the leading retailer in providing the lowest priced and highest quality goods for our communities, while delivering exemplary levels of customer service. Phar-Mor believes in providing a positive and ethical working environment to help guide all employees in word and action, which promotes an unshakable framework of integrity and trust between all stakeholders. Phar-Mor endeavors to proactively contribute to its communities through local philanthropies, scholarship programs, and community service. Phar-Mor appreciates and respects all employees equally and strives to reward hard work, and provide training to enhance the value of all employees. Phar-Mor believes in providing a safe, secure, and healthy working environment, and stands behind a zero-tolerance policy of any discrimination or harassment. Phar-Mor maintains both an open-door policy, which respects the concerns and suggestions of all employees and strives to continually improve the organization based on these recommendations. Also, Phar-Mor upholds a whistle-blower policy, which guarantees the anonymity of employees who courageously choose to report illicit activity. Phar-Mor is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity in all customer relationships. Phar-Mor strives to achieve customers’ satisfaction by providing the best services, products and prices through ethical and socially responsible practices. Phar-Mor understands the importance of communicating clearly with its customers, which fosters trust, openness, and a thorough understanding of the spirit of Phar-Mor. Phar-Mor does not make any promises unless they believe that they will be able to keep. Phar-Mor respects the privacy of its customers' confidential information by protecting it and make sure it is in safe place. Phar-Mor maintains integrity with its shareholders through proper use of its assets and property in its effort to continually create shareholder and value. Phar-Mor...
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