The Perks of America's Greatest Pastime

Topics: Play, Learning, Game Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Henry Miller
Professor Musgrave
English 1302-8012
29 January 2012
The Perks of America’s Greatest Pastime
Baseball is known as America’s greatest pastime, but that does not mean that the sport is dying out. The sport of baseball teaches us much more than just the rules of a game; the game teaches lessons of life. If it weren’t for baseball, I wouldn’t be nearly as prepared for adversity as I am today. Life lessons have been deeply embedded in this sport for decades, and fortunately, I have had the opportunity to learn a large amount of these lessons. America’s pastime intrigues me because as long as I play, I will never stop learning from the game. People who have been involved in baseball their whole lives still learn new things from the game each year. I believe that every parent should register their sons in baseball for the array of benefits the game provides.

I started playing baseball when I was seven years old and I am blessed for the opportunity to play in college. I view baseball as a mirror of life. A large group of people view baseball as a dull and uneventful game, which is partly why I find it is strikingly similar to life. In baseball nine players play and they all focus their attention on one ball. That ball might never come to a couple of those nine players, but every player has to remain focused and prepared every pitch. If they lose attention or get lazy, their opportunity to make a play may vanish in seconds before they even know what happened. In life there are millions of people and their focus is being successful. Not everyone can be the big shots in their workplace immediately, so they must work persistently and prepare for their opportunity to prove themselves. If they are not prepared and don’t perform then they will not be successful. Life has a way of catching us at the wrong time when we are not prepared, but I feel like baseball has truly better prepared me for moments like this in life. Parents need to understand the skills...
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