The Period of Purple Crying

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The Period of Purple Crying
The Period of Purple Crying is a way to teach parents and caregivers about the point in every baby’s life when they cry more than others. It usually starts around two weeks of age and continues until about the age of four months, (Period of Purple Crying, n.d.). Years ago the term “colic” was used my parents and medical providers to describe this period of crying. It gave the impression that there is a medical condition associated with this time in a young baby’s life. The Period of Purple Crying is a rather new initiative that provides education to parents and healthcare providers on what the period of purple crying is as well as what can be done to help the baby during this time. In this author’s healthcare facility, we have replaced our traditional shaken baby syndrome education with the new Period of Purple Crying DVD and educational handouts. The following sections of this paper will be what was needed for an executive summary to present to the Hospital Board for approval for funding for this program. The Purpose

The purpose of the Period of Purple Crying initiative is to educate parents and caregivers on the normal phase of crying that babies experience starting around the age of two weeks old and continues until about four months of age. This period of increased crying used to be called “colic” which implies that there is something medically wrong with the increased crying. The increased crying that babies experience during this period is a normal part of infant development. Parents are often concerned and frustrated during this time of increased crying. During this period of purple crying there has been an increase in parents admitting to shaking their baby to make them stop crying. Educating parents that this crying is part of the baby’s normal development will decrease their fears and frustration and reduce the amount of cases of shaken  

baby syndrome.
The target audience for this initiative...
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