Casein Based Milk

Topics: Milk, Breastfeeding, Baby bottle Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Name: _Brigitte Jones___________ Date: _10/19/08_________________

Demonstration Speech Outline:
Topic/Title: __The Proper Way to Feed a Baby by A Bottle___________________________ Introduction: Purpose: _To inform the audience on one option for feeding a baby.__________ Specific Purpose: _To inform the audience of the proper way to bottle feed a baby._____ Attention getter: Every time a new baby is discussed, people begin to become excited, impatient, thankful, nervous, scared, and so much more. The emotions run together like a run on sentence. How are you supposed to feel? Different people depending on the situation will encounter special emotions. For example: when my sister discovered she was having a little boy, she was amazed and in total awe. She prayed daily that her little boy would come home healthy! He did just that. Until the next day when the state of Texas notified her with the news “Your son need medical attention as soon as possible.” Long story short, he was diagnosed with Maple Syrup Urine Disease. A genetic disability where two of his genes do not produce the enzymes needed to break down protein in the body. At that point, my sister’s emotions became scared and distraught because she was aware that her son will be on a low protein diet for the remainder of his life and will always be on a special formula. This shows that different babies have different needs. However, they all come back to the same concept; a baby still has to be fed. With that in mind… Preview statement: _The three major steps of bottle feeding a baby are understand the different types of formula and which one is best for your baby, preparation of the bottle, and the actual feeding. Body:

I. Main point #1: _On the market today, there are different types of formula suited for specific ages and dietary needs of babies. A few of these needs range from lactose intolerant to iron deficiencies ( A. Support for #1: Formula milk can be purchased in two...
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