The Path to Corporate Responsibility - Nike's Corporate Makeover

Topics: Business ethics, Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: September 21, 2008
1.Title – The Path to Corporate Responsibility

2.Issue Identification –

The main issue presented in this case is that corporate social responsibility takes a lot of work, insightful leadership, a restructuring of a company’s operations, and sometimes a trigger from outside critics of your normal business practices to actually bring about an organization that is a leader in ethical business practices.

3.Facts - What are the key facts/data to be considered here?

-Businesses don’t change overnight
-There are five stages to organizational learning:
oDefensive, where the company shifts blame
oCompliance, where the company will change their practices only to the bare minimum oManagerial, where the attitude begins to shift that the problem is long-term, and managerial changes are implemented to fit a long-term solution oStrategic, where the companies being to realign their business methods with the insight that it will give them a competitive advantage oAnd Civil, where companies take the initiative to raise awareness about societal concerns and issues to garner collective action from governments and other companies.

-There are also four stages of issue maturity which demonstrate the severity of societal issues oLatent, where the issue is brought to attention only by activists and is not yet pertinent in the public eye oEmerging, where political and media attention begins to bring light to the issue oConsolidating, where business practices begin to conform to align around the societal issue, and there is a growing concern for litigation and legislation regarding the issue oAnd institutionalized, where business norms surrounding the issue are established, and the practices become embedded in the code for business-excellence. -One point that really struck well with me was the idea of collective action. Nike, when making these structural changes towards a socially responsible model, not only made the internal changes, but called onto...
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