The One Best Way to Increase Work Motivation for an Organisation Is Through Employee Reward Scheme.

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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The one best way to increase work motivation for an organisation is through employee reward scheme. Discuss In this essay I will be looking at different views that have been discussed in recent years on how reward schemes affect the motivation of employees and also looking at theories that have been produced by theorist backing up rewards as a positive form of motivation and disregarding reward schemes as a helpful form of motivation. By looking at these different views and theories I will gain an understanding of where they think motivation through reward schemes stands in the work place, this will help me to gain a strong answer to whether rewards schemes is the one best way to motivate an employee in the workplace. I will be giving my own views on the information that theorist have already gathered, this will help me to see and understand both sides of the argument so that I will have a strong judgement to conclude the statement. An important part of helping employees so that the work they carry out is efficient is through motivation. Motivation helps give employees an extra edge to work harder, complete tasks faster and well. In an employee’s view motivation can be seen as the inner power that can help them achieve goals that they are set by their employers, give them a sense of direction when they are trying to find out important information and to help bring them out of depression or stress that their work may be giving them. It is very important that managers keep their staff motivated or else they may act lazy towards work. Demotivation eventually leads into arguments breaking out between employees within an organisation as well as work efficiency decreasing as there is no work put into the end product the organisation is trying to achieve. There are two types of motivation linked with rewards these are extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic is normally referred to as being motivated by your interests for example if you are undertaking football you enjoy it therefore you’re motivated to play the sport. Extrinsic motivation is normally referred to external sources outside of a person like money or school grades. According to Cameron, J., & Pierce, W. D. (2002). How rewards got a bad reputation. In: Rewards and intrinsic motivation: Resolving the controversy. United State of America: Bergin and Garvey. p11-22, intrinsic motivation refers to actions for which no reward is given but actually taking part in the activity is rewarding in its self. Extrinsic motivation refers to actions that are externally being controlled variable that can be willingly identified.

There are many theorists that feel that motivation through reward schemes is harmful in a way that it takes away the interest in the activity that an employee is undertaking. According to Reeve, J. (2005). Intrinsic motivation and types of extrinsic motivation. In: Understanding motivation and emotion. 4th ed. United States of America: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. p134-135 it is said that when being rewarded for doing tasks that are already interesting or basic, then a person starts to lose intrinsic motivation because they are not carrying the task for the interest but they are carrying out the task for the reward. This could be harmful because if interest is lost in a task e.g. if an employee is meant to be serving on the tills and he is rewarded for serving twenty customers an hour then the employee may get distracted by the fact that he is getting rewarded which could lead to him rushing customers so that he can serve twenty customers in an hour which will then lead to mistakes made on the till. This example shows how rewards may distract an employee’s interest therefore making mistakes which could de-motivate the employee.

According to Reeve, J. (2005). Intrinsic motivation and types of extrinsic motivation. In: Understanding motivation and emotion. 4th ed. United States of America:...
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