The Oldest Skill Game of the World – Chess

Topics: Chess, Chess piece, Rules of chess Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: October 16, 2012

First of all chess is the oldest skill game of history . It is basically an ancient board gam efor two players, often called the royal game because of its need of skill . Chess has a history , has a rule , and has needs of skill . So that it is a game which , needs so much focus , speed , flexibility , attention and a good memory to play this oldest skill game of the world succesfully .

Chess originated from 7th century , in India . At those times in Indıa it was called ‘changuranga’ not chess. Moreover , It spread to Persia and Arabia in 10th century , and wass introduced to Europe , basically Spain Italy and Balkans . Chess passed from Persia to the Arab world, where its name changed to Arabic shatranj. By the end of 16th century, it was actually spread to the most of the world and started to be played by so many people . The practice of playing chess for money became so widespread during the 13th century that Louis IX of France . Most of the modern chess rules has been adopted in 16th century.The most successful and the was most important plyer at 16th century was Ruy Lopez . He wrote a thesis on the game chess.

Chess has a history , as mentioned but it also has some rules . At first chess board is placed in between the two opponents in such a manner that each of them must start the game with a white piece .Each player starts the game with 16 pieces ; 8 paws , 2 rooks , 2 knights , 2 bishops , a queen and a king . Each player most move one piece at a time. So infact , the the game is played by a stragety of moves. The player with the white pieces always moves first. Therefore, players generally decide who will get to be white by chance or luck such as flipping a coin or having one player guess the color of the hidden pawn in the other player's hand. White then makes a move, followed by black, then white again, then black and so on until the end of the game. Each of the 6 different kinds of pieces...
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