The Old Story Time

Topics: White people, United Kingdom, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (878 words) Published: October 30, 2012
The Old Time Story
The author Old Story Time, Trevor Rhone uses strategies for his readers to understand his play. The following will be considered in this essay: How the writer enables the readers to understand the culture of the play/Caribbean people, How mama's view of black people in the play and how does racism affect the life of two characters. In this play there are a lot of culture the writer makes us understand about the Caribbean. Such as the game 'touch' that was played by peal and Len. After Len was not studying for school he seemed to have the time to play touch with Pearl. The way Pearl and Len plays the game is when girl or boy must touch any private part of each other body. Story Telling is one of the culture the Caribbean like to do. It is mention in the play, stories that are told by Pa Ben and the others. They like to share what they know of that their parents or grandparents tell them. Mama believes in Obeah (voodoo). In the Caribbean it is called obeah. Mama believes that when something bad happens to Len she blames it on Obeah, thinking it all has to do with the spirits of dead. The Nine Night is a caribbean culture to pay respect to the dead. Usually there is a celebration after the funeral where they invite everyone that was there to come and eat and dance. The singing and dancing is required in the Caribbean. Pa Ben says “Come, we going sing sankey tonight,” it is a Banahim (song book). He starts to sing and dance to. And there is the remembrance/gossip. Remembering the dead and what has happened during the day. The gossip is when they talk black people in society, for example. Mama hates black people! Mama does not like anything black. “she wouldn't even have a black chicken in her yard.” mama has become mentally racist, to her son and to her self. It affects others around her since she is black too. Mama does not encourage any thing black 'how many times A must tell you, anything black nuh good?' All mama wants is for Len to get...
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