The Odyssey

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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The Odyssey
In the epic poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus does not deserve his reputation as a brave and clever leader because he is very arrogant, conceited, and he only cares about his glories which causes him the life of all his loyal companions. Odysseus makes the mistake of bragging out to the Cyclops about how he conquered stabbing his eye and escaping his cave “Cyclops if ever mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laertes’ son, whose home’s on Ithaca!”(Book 9, lines 416-420). Odysseus does not think about the consequences he will have now after yelling out his real name, his father’s name, and his home land. His journey home will be much more difficult due to a non-clever decision. The Cyclops tries to trick Odysseus into going back and possibly eat or kill him ‘’Come back Odysseus, and ill treat you well, praying the god of earthquake to befriend you, his son I am … if he will, he may heal me of this black wound …”(Book 9, lines 431-435). Odysseus does not return which does show some cleverness but then again he yells out to the Cyclops “if I could take your life I would and take your time away, and hurl you down to hell! The god of earthquake could not heal you there!”(Book 9, 437-440). This aggravates the Cyclops and he puts a curse on Odysseus “…grant that Odysseus, raider of cities, never see his home …let him lose all companions, and return under strange sail to bitter days at home”(Book 9. Lines 445-452). Due to all of his actions, bragging about his glories, Odysseus will face many difficult challenges and may not return home.
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