The Night I Fekt Like a Queen

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Ke’Shanee Thomas WAC 101 ASU 9/21/2012

The One Night I Felt Like a Queen

The smell of burned hair filled the room as the last of my long black hair was being

curled. A horse tail being brushed against my face, as my mom applied a hint of blush to

my high cheek bones; and to make my eyes stand out and appear to be auburn stand out

more than usual she applied deep black eyeliner. I then stood to put on my beautiful silky

smooth teal dress. I could feel the roughness from the tutu underneath scratching

against my shaved legs as the blood empty my stomach giving me butterflies in my

tummy, I was already getting nervous. As my mom zipped my dress I could feel a bunch of

imaginary bugs crawling along my skin, I jerked to shake off the feeling. Sitting down and

lifting my dress to put on my shoes. I stood once again; I took a walk around master

bedroom reassuring myself that I wouldn't embarrass myself tonight.

"How do they feel?" my mom asked

I replied quickly with a slight smirk, "Good!"

She then asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yes" I responded. As I began to walk towards my own personal red carpet, I took a

deep breath "Okay Ke'Shanee, you can do this, don’t be nervous, well try not to show it at

least." I thought to myself. About half way down the stair I could feel my legs begin to

shake from my nervousness. There he came from around the corner wearing a grey tie

and suit with thin teal stripes going vertically down his jacket and pants with a teal shirt,

and shoes that matched my dress exactly. His pearly whites showed as a smile came across

his face, holding a bouquet flowers and a custom made floral in a clear container.

"..Wow..." He murmured." Clearing his throat "Wow you love, you look beyond gorgeous"

Ke’Shanee Thomas WAC 101 ASU 9/21/2012

"Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself." Meeting him at the bottom of the

stairs, my mom stood beside me, as I greeting him with a hug and a kiss.

"You smell good too." he whispers, then places the custom floral onto my right


At this point my adrenalin is pumping going more than 1,000 miles per second,

taking another deep breath as I pinned the pinnate to his jacket pocket.“What time is it?” I

asked aloud, squinting at the clock on the stove from a distance as if I could really see far


“Almost 7:00, hurry so we can take some pictures before you leave” said my mom

proudly as if she was shipping me off to outer-space. After all I was only going to be gone

for the night. Probably not even that long.

“Do you have your camera?” he asked

Looking at him for the corner of my eye slowly raising my arm, “Its right here, now

can you can you come up a couple of steps and stand next to me so we can take a few

pictures before we leave”.

I could tell that my mom had been paying close attention to us and the way we

interacted with each other as she stated. “Now I know you two can get closer than that!

At least pretend you like each other.”

“Nope, I don’t even like him to be that close”. I said sarcastically moving towards


Ke’Shanee Thomas WAC 101 ASU 9/21/2012

“Nope”, as he moves over a couple of inches away from me. “I thought you didn’t

like me that much?”

We both looked at each other and began to laugh, and laugh even harder just

because we both know that we could get a lot closer than what we are now.

As my mom is taking pictures after pictures the doorbell rings.

“That must be Tee-Tee.” I said

As my mom opened the door and greeted Tee-Tee. “What going on Tee-Tee? I love

your dress, that is bad. okay I see your tattoos and stuff showing” examining her from

head to toe.

“Thanks my mom made it” said Tee-Tee

“It’s Tee-Tee!” I said in excitement as she entered through the door way.

“It’s Ke’Shanee!” She exclaimed back

“I love your dress, got your back out! Okay... I see you!”

“I see you too, with your boobs all...
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