No Exit Character Analysis

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No Exit Analysis of Characters


Desire: All what Garcin wanted to do, is to show others that he is not a coward. He was also trying to convince himself that what he did is not a coward thing to do. Will: Garcin was lost; he thought he should persuade both Inez and Estelle in order to reach his main objective, he was lost and tried to convince Estelle till he realized it is Inez who should be convinced in order to reach his desire. Moral Stance: What really Garcin wanted and cared about was his dignity and his self respect no matter if he is with Estelle or with Inez. Decorum: He would probably be wearing a loose grey/beige jacket, a white shirt, and beige colored pants to match the jacket and black shoes. Summary Adjective: Coward, A needy man, egocentric, fragile, and insecure.

Desire: Her desire was to have Estelle for her from the moment she entered the door. She did her best to make her feel comfortable and fell for her.

Will: To reach her desire and ultimate goal, Inez tried to get closer to Estelle through her actions and her smooth way of talking to her and flirting with her. Moral Stance: Inez made propositions by offering to Estelle things that secure her in order to reach her desire and be with her. Decorum: I Imagine Inez will have short hair, wear a classic jacket and white shirt and a tall skirt, I imagine her to be a hideous person and have a strict look in her eyes like the old school principles. Summary Adjective: Straightforward, Cruel and mean person, bad-mannered and alert.

Desire: Estelle’s desire was to please herself and her ego. She was trying to grab the attention of both Garcin and Inez during the whole play as she wanted to be the center of attention the whole time. Will: Estelle was a very beautiful woman and she knows how much her beauty can make others fall for her, so she used her beauty as a weapon to reach her goal and attract both Inez and Garcin. Moral Stance: She believes that she is an innocent lady who reached hell by mistake; she denies the fact that she’s a murderer; and a liar and she believes all she wants she should have. Decorum: Estelle lived in a different society than the one of Inez and Garcin; she belonged to a rich class society. So because of that I imagine her to be wearing a fancy expensive colorful dress with black or white heels and a very beautiful classic hairstyle. Summary Adjective: Careless, Selfish, Overconfident, Needy woman.

A.Character Mood Intensity

Unit 1
Garcin: He enters the drawing room calmly while observing every angle of it. Unit 2
Garcin: Garcin becomes worried trying to figure out where instruments of torture are.

Unit 3
Garcin: He questions the valet wondering about things he has heard on earth about this place in a curious way.

Unit 4
Garcin: He is mad and yelling on the valet not to treat him as a fool while asking about the light and how to turn it off.

Unit 5
Garcin: Goes back to his state of mind calmly however still wondering about the place and tries to ask him questions to keep him in the room.

Unit 6
Garcin: He is frightened thinking he might be left alone in this room while acting quiet. Unit 7
Garcin: He is confused and afraid, so he keeps asking questions.

Unit 8
Garcin: He loses hope by not finding any real explanation that can make him reach a point of understanding of the place, so he uses his force to try and open the door to reach the valet.

Unit 9
Garcin: Inez enters the room and Garcin looks at her trying to figure out who she is. Unit 10
Inez: Enters lost and confused and yells at Garcin.
Garcin: Shocked and wondering.

Unit 11
Inez: Serious trying to defeat her stress and answer her question. Garcin: He was answering with confidence.

Unit 12
Inez: She was talking to Garcin in a cruel way.
Garcin: He was surprised but acting with nice manners.

Unit 13
Estelle: Scared of looking at Garcin’s face that was hidden...
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