The New Age of Media

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“It began with the rise of the popular press, followed by the invention of film, sound broadcasting (or radio), and the audiovisual, including television and cable television. In the past decade, this interest has grown to embrace computer-influenced adaptations of these traditional mass media, the latest being the World Wide Web (www), which is part of the Internet, or the Information Superhighway” (Engsberg, Lang, & Engel Lang, 2001, p. 1761). The ever-growing multimedia network has started to put a damper on the printed form of media. Although many would argue this statement, but with the new development of e-readers and tablets it is making magazine and newspaper sales decline. Within the last decade the revenue generated by newspaper and magazine sales have dropped leading us to believe, that the print form of media is slowly dying; it’s easily being replaced with the new formation of social networking, smartphones and other devices. What is Mass Media?

Have you ever sat and pondered what exactly is Mass Media? Mass media is any technology that is used to transmit information on a large scale (Lane, n.d.). Currently there are a variety of types of media and they include television, radio, film, video, print, photography, and electronic.

The production of media happens in many genres and each is designed to target a different audience. Mass media is divided into four basic styles: informative, educational, persuasive, and entertainment media (Lane, n.d.). The different target audiences can be identified by using a number of factors, some to include, age, race, profession, and a few other demographics (Lane, n.d.).

The Rise of Mass Media

Media has become ever so popular in everyday life in today’s society. According to Rayuso (2008), “From the moment we wake up in the morning we are bombarded with media in all its many forms. From the morning newspaper to the news on the television, different advertising companies telling you what to buy and what’s the newest trend.” In the 18th century, it didn’t take much for people to have fun. They use to play simple games that a family could play together and not need the use of a computer, gaming system or a television. In today’s society people require the use of gadgets to catch up on the daily news and to keep updated with the many different social networks. With the new changes in media and technology that goes along with it, children and teens have a variety of ways to express themselves, which are not always in a positive manner. According to Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media   (2010), “The explosion in popularity of Social Networks represents one of the fastest uptakes of a communication technology since the web was developed in the early 1990s.” The most popular sites today are Facebook and Twitter. With the growing popularity of these sites information can be shared instantaneously, every detail about someone can be shared and broadcasted across many different forms of media mediums. With Social networking now displaying ads for different types of products, the ad companies are now introducing themselves to millions of active users (Johnson, 2010). When you look at the millions of people that use social networking sites and the amount of people that would watch TV, read a magazine or a newspaper, the numbers just don’t equal out. Look at it this way, you have one ad ran on a social networking site for one day and it is seen by millions and millions across the world. Then you have a commercial on TV, ad in the magazine or the newspaper and you still would not get as many viewers as you would if you put your ad on a social networking site in the same amount of time frame. One recent case study claims that by just spending 10 minutes on Facebook you can be exposed to as many as 90 different media messages (Johnson, 2010). 

Influence of Media on Society

While most of the media is harmless and just someone trying...
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