Role of Mass Media and Growing Problems in Pakistan and Develping Countries

Topics: Mass media, News media, Journalism Pages: 2 (1034 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Definition of Mass Media

Mass media consists of the various means by which information reaches large numbers of people, such as television, radio, movies, newspapers, and the Internet. Sociologists study mass media especially to see how it shapes people's values, beliefs, perceptions, and behavior. In the late 20th Century, mass media could be classified into eight mass media industries: books, newspapers, magazines, recordings, radio, movies, television and the internet. With the explosion of digital communication technology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the question of what forms of media should be classified as "mass media" has become more prominent. For example, it is controversial whether to include cell phones, video games and computer games (such as MMORPGs) in the definition. In the 2000s, a classification called the "seven mass media" became popular. In order of introduction, they are: 1. Print (books, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, etc.) from the late 15th century 2. Recordings (gramophone records, magnetic tapes, cassettes, cartridges, CDs, DVDs) from the late 19th century 3. Cinema from about 1900

4. Radio from about 1910
5. Television from about 1950
6. Internet from about 1990
7. Mobile phones from about 2000


Mass media in Pakistan has come a long way. From the earlydays of state controlled media, today Pakistani media has startedto exert itself and is well on its way to achieve a more meaningfuland free status. Steffen Cohen in his book ‘The Idea of Pakistan’has acknowledged the fact that the media in today’s Pakistan isperhaps the freest in the region and many other parts of the world.While the struggle for a free media continues against the odds, itseffects in reshaping of our society at large have already started totake shape. There are many known factors that have contributed to thesudden surge in the...
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