The Negative Effects of Bulimia Nervosa

Topics: Bulimia nervosa, Eating disorders, Anorexia nervosa Pages: 7 (2385 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Bulimia Nervosa
Alicia Lang-Goseland
February 12, 2012

Little do bulimics know that what they are doing really is a big deal and is affecting them not just socially, but they are damaging their bodies physically and emotionally in ways they could not even imagine. For whatever reason they have decided to lean towards bulimia, they don’t understand that it is an unrealistic and very damaging habit to form. Vomiting their food up doesn’t mean they will lose weight, but they will definitely cause damage to their insides. Bulimics are robbing their bodies of vital nutrients, losing friends and loved ones, and obsessing over superficial appearances. They need to realize what they are doing before it takes a wrong turn and turns into a fatal mistake.

Bulimia Nervosa
Binging, purging…relieving one’s mind and body from anything and everything that is bothering them. Some may feel that making their body physically empty will help them achieve their personal image, or make it feel as if they have rid themselves of all feelings. To do this they isolate themselves to keep their little secret that they do not see as a “big deal” hidden from others. Little do they know that what they are doing really is a big deal and is affecting them no just socially, but they are damaging their bodies physically and emotionally in ways they could not even imagine.

A lot of the damage from purging takes place inside, it is basically impossible to tell how bad the problems are until they have progressed to far (Sacker 30). The continuous pattern of binge eating and purging may greatly increase the upset of the normal equilibrium of hunger and satiety mechanisms; and this dysregulation might make the intensity of both eating binges and vomiting episodes more pronounced (Gordon 27).

Food digestion begins right when it goes into the mouth and saliva glands start the process of breaking down and absorbing foods. When the body is not receiving the nutrients it needs, it starts to conserve calories. The body’s metabolism slows down so calories are burned off more slowly. The salivary glands absorb or predigest every bit of food possible, so the bulimic person may have weight gain (Sacker 31). So extensive binges, even if they vomit afterword can result in large caloric absorption (Whitaker 28).

Also, a bulimic persons situation will get progressively worse as their urge to binge and purge intensifies (Sacker 26). Bulimia causes a biochemical imbalance along with a damaging force to the digestive process that produces physical effects that can range from disfiguring to fatal (Sacker 27). Some physical effects caused by repeated vomiting leads to an erosion of the dental enamel, mostly the inner surface; this is caused by repeated exposure to stomach acid (Cooper 26). Brushing your teeth after vomiting, to get rid of the smell, scours the teeth and makes them worse. Using mouthwash wouldn’t do as much damage as brushing their teeth, but the damage from repeated vomiting cannot be un-done (Cooper 26). Vomiting causes salivary glands to swell, making the face look puffy and may be seen as weight gain leading to more vomiting (Cooper 26). Frequent vomiting can cause hoarseness in their voice and often causes damage to the throat (Cooper 26, 27). Most people who vomit have to gag themselves by sticking something down their throat, which may cause bleeding and often becomes infected (Cooper 27). Violent vomiting can cause the esophagus to rupture; this is a medical emergency. Vomiting repeatedly for years can weaken the set of muscles at the top of the stomach causing nothing to stop the contents of the stomach to go back up the esophagus into the mouth “gastric reflux” (Cooper 27).

Vomiting, drinking and vomiting again until the stomach is completely empty upsets the balance of body fluids and body...
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