Bulimia Nervosa Comparison

Topics: Eating disorders, Null hypothesis, Bulimia nervosa Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Bulimia Nervosa Comparison Between Males and Females
Melissa Eblen, Mary Gillison, Anna Hardy, Crystal Kistler, and Jennifer Moreno PSY/315
November 24, 2012
Doctor Williams

Bulimia Nervosa Comparison Between Males and Females


This hypothesis research was conducted to determine if females exhibit a higher percentage of eating disorders than males because our society encourages females to adhere to a higher standard than men when it comes to their outward appearance. For this hypothesis testing, we specifically chose the eating disorder of Bulimia Nervosa.

The independent variables used in this research were females and males. The dependent variable used was the number of females and males who suffer from Bulimia Nervosa. Our research testing proved the hypothesis that the percentage of females who suffer from this eating disorder is, in fact, higher than the percentage of males. The percentage of females who suffer from this very serious disorder is much higher than their male counterparts.
Our research concluded that the percentage of females who are afflicted with this disorder ranges from 85-90 percent, while the percentage of males is only 10-15 percent. This equates to roughly one in ten men suffer from bulimia. However, we must also take into consideration that this is an illness that is accompanied by shame and guilt, so it is highly probable there are many people (both male and female) who do not admit to having bulimia; or are not even aware they have the disorder. It is our opinion that the male population is less likely to admit or realize they have bulimia. It is also quite possible they see their eating and exercise habits to be within the normal range, when in fact they may be excessive compared to the norm.

Although the specific causes for bulimia are unknown, it is a serious psychological disorder that came about as the result of having a distorted body image. In today’s society, body image and what most...
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