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  • Published: February 27, 2013
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Evaluate the proposition that society has no right to call itself sane with reference to the role of anorexia and bulimia nervosa? There is no denying from recent studies that the rates of eating disorders every year are increasing. It is evident that these eating disorders are in fact psychological, however with cultures constantly changing and the increase of beauty figures, and images representing thinness in the media, it’s becoming relevant to suggest that society is playing a major role among these weight related issues. The most common explanation is in the scholarly literature review for the appearance of eating disorders in unexpected places, they are becoming a result of the “Westernization” or “modernization” of the society in question ( A, J Lake, P, K Staiger 2002). This means that societies are becoming more modern or western, as specific behaviours involved with eating disorders a becoming meaningful expressions of certain cultures. This essay will conclude the work of Erich Fromm and his opinion on how to behave in a society as well as how to respond toward certain cultures. I will give my opinion on his ideas as well as defining the extent of anorexia and bulimia in societies. Behaviours associated with eating disorders such as bingeing and purging are becoming meaningful expressions of particular culture features. An appearance of eating disorders in a given society is read as evidence of social change, a velar sign that Westernization and modernization are underway and that individual in these societies are becoming increasingly acculturated to modern western values(Chamorro and Florez 2000) Of all the mental disorders recognised in the DSM- IV or ICD- 10 systems of psychiatric classification, eating disorders have most commonly been considered to be linked to “culture” and are described as culture bound syndromes (Lee, S 2004). People with anorexia nervosa are extremely thin and preoccupied with weight. They are unwilling to maintain a...
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