The Need for Counselling in Kenya and the World Today

Topics: Suicide, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The Complete Manual of Suicide Pages: 6 (2568 words) Published: December 2, 2011
On September 12,2011 over a hundred people were feared dead in a morning inferno that happened in the Sinai slums.Victims of the Sinai fire and relatives of the deceased needed counselling in order to cope with the trauma as a result of the fire.When one looses a cherished one ,one goes through various phases.This stages are denial,anger,bargaining,depression and finally acceptance.There is need for counselling as one goes through this painful process.The bereaved received psycological counselling at the Tom Mboya hall in Buruburu. A pupil in Teso district commited suicide after her parents insisted she should repeat standard seven .Linet Auma ,16,swallowed tobacco pesticide and died before she was taken to hospital.She had scored 188 marks out of 500 and her headmaster at Katotoi primary school,Tommy emayot ,said she had been promoted to standard eight.But her parents wanted her to repeat and improve her grades .This case required counselling for Linet because it seems she was hopeless over the situation as she was practically being forced to something she did not want.There may also have been some underlying issues that had not been addressed earlier.This issues may have led her to her final desparation and despair. Jennifer Longslide aged 35 and from the United States ,bit off Mark Olsen’s manhood in a fit of rage.She then casually walked with the dismemberd member and proceeded to deep fry it in butter before eating it.The victim has now had cosmetic surgery and and a prosthetic attachment has been surgically stitched where his real one once was .The victim requires counselling inorder to come to terms with the loss of his manhood.He needs counselling to overcome the bitterness and resentment he feels towards his attacker. Mercy Nguni a Kanyama resident ,had her ear cut off by her husband after they had got into a verbal altercation late in the night.Her boyfriend severed her ear and sliced her face with a bottle.She says that she screamt and her daughter and husband rescued her.She has several stitches on her face and no ear.Despite all this she says that she loves her husband very much and would not like to see him go to jail.Mercy Ngumi requires counselling so that she can manage to escape the trap of her abusive marriege.She needs to rediscover her self image so that she can get out and start living a more positive life. On Monday 21,November,2011,the daily nation reported that eleven pupils were undergoing treatment at a Kisumu hospital after they were found to have been molested at their homes in Bandani.Out of the eleven children aged between five to twelve years ,three were girls and the the remaining eight were boys.A class teacher noticed one of the children walking in a strange way prompting questions that revealed he had molested.According to Usoma primary school teacher Joseph Ndege,the class teacher alerted them after finding out that the class one pupil had been molested.The child was brought to the office where he disclosed what had been going on and upo investing pupils in other classes they found out that there were more pupils who had been molested.Mr Ndege said that the suspect ,now under police custody ,was a pupil at the school and had just completed his KCPE exams,making them suspect that the vice had been going on for a long time.The child gave a list of ten other children who had been molested and all the children named the same person as the one who had been defiling and threatening them if they disclosed what he was doing to them.The man is reported to have confessed that he was HIV-positive and was under medication.A community gender-based violence activist ,Ms Nuru Angoka ,said that medical tests revealed that two of the children had been infected with sexually trnsmitted diseases but they would have to wait for three months to determine their HIV status. Separately,A seven year –old nursery school girl suffered serious injuries after...
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