The Nature of Political Power and Authority

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The Nature of Political Power and Authority

Power is the ability of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first person’s intentions. Authority is the right someone has to use the power they have which is the difference between power and authority. A special type of power is political power. Political power is power that someone has specifically in the government. The United State government is spread out in political power and some groups have more power than others. Self interest is a major part of democracy and the government. The government’s role is still in question even today which is why our government has changed politically in so many ways.

Political power is power in the government. There are so many parts where power can be exercised that no one group has complete power. Political power is spread out. From local state governments to the national government, each position in the government has some power. The government is affected by what each part of this does. Each position does not hold the same amount of power though. An example is that the president has much more power then a mayor of a city. However, each position no matter where they are is responsive to what their follower’s interests are.

Democracy is completely driven by self-interest. People vote based on what would be most beneficial for themselves and themselves alone. When people vote, they definitely do not consider how it will affect someone on the opposite side of the country or in another state. It is human nature to do what is best for yourself. That is why the government is also self-interested. Everybody wants power and government officials sometimes do what is best so they gain that power rather than helping the people.

Our government has changed a lot in our country’s history. Our government has been able to adapt to what it thinks is best for that situation. In that way, that is why our country has been around for so long...
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