Political Power in the United Kingdom: An Evaluation

Topics: Government, Labour Party, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Who has political power in the United Kingdom?

In this essay I will be evaluating who has political power in the UK. There are many organisations that have an impact on political power for example the state, citizens, media, big businesses and individual MPs. Economic power, military power and the power of media all influence the way in which the political system and those who operate it and how effective they can be in particular circumstances. A state might be defined briefly as a political organization which possesses sovereign jurisdiction within a defined territory and exercises its power through a set of permanent institutions which in liberal democracies include Heads of State [Presidents or Monarchs], central governments and their bureaucracies, legislatures, judiciaries and the organizations of regional, state and or local government, the armed forces and the police. David Camron current British prime minister and leader of the British Labour Party.. There are limits to the powers of a Prime Minister despite what would appear to be their exulted position within British Politics. The Prime Minister does have many powers but probably the one great limit to these powers comes from the party he represents. If a Prime Minister loses the support from his party's back-benchers, his position becomes very weak. This happened to both Margaret Thatcher and John Major. In one speech made in the House of Commons, Geoffrey Howe, a former Cabinet colleague of Thatcher's, started the process that lead to an effective revolt against her style of leadership and her ultimate resignation as Prime Minister in 1990. The House of Lords can politically limit what the Prime Minister pushes through via the Commons. Though the Prime Minister has a great deal of political power, this power is also balanced by the fact that there are limitations to that power. While a Prime Minister has the backing of his party, his position is secure; if he loses that support, then his...
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