The Nativity

Topics: Jesus, Biblical Magi, Christianity Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: February 1, 2013
1. Romans, by that time, were focused on expanding their empire. When Pontius Pilate heard about the Messiah, that they call “King of all Kings”, he was threatened that this Messiah might steal this throne and glory as king. Romans were selfish and full of ego. The Holy Family and the poor people, on the other hand, were faithful and dedicated in doing what they believe in. They lived out Jewish practices and beliefs. Jews lived with modesty and simplicity. 2. Pharisees or those who have a stricter understanding of implementing the Law. They follow the oral tradition of the Law. 3. While a large number of Jews today light Chanukah candles, the more traditional custom is to light the Chanukah menorah with olive oil. This is done in order to most accurately recreate the original miracle. When God instructed Moses on the construction of the Tabernacle in the wilderness (the vessels of which were eventually placed in the Temple in Jerusalem), he specifically stated: “And you will command the children of Israel, to bring to you pure olive oil beaten for the light, to cause a lamp to burn continually” (Exodus 27:20). 4. The Day of Atonement was shown in the film when Pontius Pilate transferred his sins to a bull. The bull will carry his sins and will be killed or sacrificed thus, making Pilate clean again. 5. Shabbath Day. This is also called the “rest day” for Jews are not allowed to work this day. They must stay at home and pray. Getting water from the well has limitations. I think this practice was shown in the part where Mary’s mother was reading the scripture to the children. 6. Those who were first to know about the Messiah’s birth are the Three Kings – Gaspar, Melchior and Baltazar. They have been studying a prophecy for a long time and that prophecy said that the Messiah will be a child. They also studied the star that guided them to Bethlehem specifically to where Jesus was. 7. The gold represented His sovereign dominion, sym. Royalty (King Jesus). The...
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