The Modest Proposal: Food in China

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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The Modest Proposal
In the modern China, the food that we are having is helping us to get closer to health. It gives us the chances to have a try to get many kinds of illnesses.

The technology of production is developing sharply, there are a plenty of kinds of chemical way to make our food taste better and look more addicted. But not all of the addictive are OKAY for your bodies. For example, there was a piece of very famous news about milk powder. Sanlu milk powder was the hottest topic in 2008, because of its melamine. The experts in the Health Department said that they thought the cases of infants nephrolith been caused by the milk powder with melamine. But why did the company mix the melamine into the milk powder, the reason is the melamine is a kind of chemical with a high quantity of nitrogen. And the test of the milk powder is the index of the nitrogen, melamine is cheap and easy to make up. In order to reduce the cost of the production, the company choose to mix it into the main food of the little infants. The melamine carries the poisonous, it can kill the mice in the lab with 3 gram poison. The experts also talked about the processes of the nephrolith, the melamine mix with cyan uric make up together from the grid structure does not dissolve in the water, it finally go in the kidney and became the precipitation and cause the nephrolith. That's only for infants, because they do not usually drink water. But for adults, they drink a lot of water and it can reduce the index of the melamine, it is not ver easy for a 18-year-old person to get this illness. According to the news we knew that there were 14 infants in Gansu suffered from this illness in 2008. The infants who got this illness would feel very hurt at the kidney and it is ruthless for the little cute infants to get off the illness. If it is serious the babies need to do the operation such as: stone surgery, percutaneous nephrolithotomy and ESWL. The doctors need to open the belly of your babies...
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