The Modes of Observation and Data Collection

Topics: Scientific method, Evaluation methods, Psychology Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Reflection Essay- Modes of Observation and Data Collection
- Experiments & Survey Research

The modes of observation are as follows: 1. Experiments 2. Survey Research 3. Qualitative Field Research 4. Unobtrusive Research 5. Evaluation Research. Experiments are as we all know them where data is collected from a group and some input is made to stimuli the group and the outcome is the observation. Survey is the questioning of participants via written or oral form. These questions can be open or closed ended, leaving either room for interpretation or a simple chosen answer. Qualitative field research is one of the most common forms of research where the sociologist immerses themselves in the setting wanting to be studied. I believe qualitative is only second to Unobtrusive research, which is where the observer watches actions and behaviors occur without a prompted stimuli. A few examples of unobtrusive research are where you think of zoo, and you observe, not interact; the other is a ninja who stays in the shadows and only observes. The last mode of observation is evaluation research, this is when feedback is requested about a program or organization and if it is producing the desired effects.

The article about employers attitudes toward hiring ex-offenders and their actual hiring behavior, Walking the Talk? What Employers Say Versus What They Do by Pager and Quillian, started their work with a memorable study of a professor, his Chinese student and the students wife. These three traveled the country and tested whether or not service would be rejected based on the Student and his wife. This study included a second portion that was to be followed up a year later where surveys where sent to the institutions that were visited and asked if service would be rejected to Chinese patrons. Interestingly while service was not actually rejected the response was that service would be rejected. This study had two modes of observation, the first portion being qualitative...
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