The Miserable Mill

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Brittany Adelhardt
Book Report: The Miserable Mill
Junior English, B3
The Miserable Mill
The story of The Miserable Mill, is the sequence novel to Series Of Unfortunate Events By Lemony Snicket. It is the story about the Baudelaires' three misfortuanant children who have been moving to different family membors and now what would be the Lucky Smells Lumbermill, there "new" home. While traveling with Mr.Poe, they see a building in the shape of an eye. When the Bauldelaires' arrive at their new home they are presented with a memo from sir. The childrens new guardian, explaining they would be working in the mill in exchange for free room and board. Also keep Voilet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelairs' nemisis away, Count Olaf. Who is the only after the childrens fortune, which their parents left them when they died in a horiffic fire in the house. When meeting Charles, (sirs partner, he shows the children the library where they find three books. Later on then they are working in the lumbermill Klaus is tripped by Foreman Flacutono breaking his glasses. He was then sent to Dr.Orwell, the local optometrist. Before ariving he is acting very strangely and occult, as he was hypnotized. The next morning, Foreman Flacutono orders Klaus strait to work, immediately he began to work. Klaus causes an accident when dropping a machine on Phil, one of the other workers and breaking his leg. Flacutono yells an unusual word and Klaus is instantaneously back to normal. For the second time, Klause is tripped by the malicios Foreman and is taken to see Dr.Orwell once again. Except this time Violet and Sunny flee with their brother. DrOrwell who greets them at the door, seems surprisingly ploeasant. Later on they recognize Count Olaf desguised at a female rectionist, Shirley. While back at the lumbermill, Sir has left them a note saying they cannot have another accidednt or they would be under the care of Shirley. When hypnotized brother goes to bed, the two sisters depart off...
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