The Misfit of Cotton Field

Topics: Foreshadowing, Debut albums, Florida Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Michelle Barnett
Professor Knapp
9 January 2013
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A Good Man Is Hard to Find
After finishing O’Connor’s story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” I found that the ending was very shocking but not troubling just because it was unexpected. I believe that this ending is troubling whether it was unexpected or expected. There were many foreshadows leading up to the tragic ending. For example, when O’ Connor writes “In case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady.” (203) she foreshadows the car accident that later happens down the dirt road of Georgia. Another foreshadow in the very beginning of the story is when the grandmother see’s in the newspaper that the misfit has escaped in Florida and that they should not head that way, but everyone ignores her and they go anyway. On the way to Florida the family “... passed a large cotton field with five or six graves fenced in the middle of it, like a small island.”(203) foreshadowing the death of the family. Some other foreshadowing in the story is when they end up at Red Sammy’s Barbeque where they again here about the misfit through Sammy, the owner. Grandmother and Sammy bond over the hatred towards violent citizens such as the misfit. We may also see the color “red” as a foreshadow of death because blood is red.

While the conclusion of the story was stunning I do not believe that is the reason it was troubling. I believe that the conclusion is troubling whether it was foreshadowed or not. It is very troubling that a whole family was murdered on what was supposed to be a fun vacation to the sunshine state of Florida. The whole story is quite troubling to me for the fact that the family didn’t get along much throughout the story. The tone all throughout the story was a negative tone such that none of the family members listened to each other or respected one another. The children were rude and the mother did nothing about it. Once the...
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