The Mirage Hotel and Casino

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The Mirage Hotel and Casino

(The Hotel Industry)

By Gregory D. Tucker

The word “hotel” didn’t appear until the 18th century. It came from the French hotel, large house, and originated in the Latin roots hospitium or hospes. Hospitality, hostile and hotels are all related words. The difficulty of identifying early travelers as friends or foes probably accounts for the conflict in meaning Friendly travelers found security and accommodations through the hospitality of their hosts. As the numbers of travelers increased, personal courtesy gave way to commercial enterprise. The hotel was born carrying with it a culture of hospitality. The hotel industry grew and flourished through the centuries by adapting to the changing social, business, and economic environment that marked human progress. During the modern times, these stages have been labeled for easy reference. The 18th century was the agricultural age; the 19th century, the industrial age. The 20th century has been the age of service. The sale of services, such as medicine, banking, education and hotelkeeping, has outpaced the manufacture and distribution of goods. The 21st century has opened with that same service culture even as it launces what is likely to be the age of technology.

The Mirage was built by developer Steve Wynn and designed by Joel Bergman. It opened in November 1989 and was the first resort that was built with the money of Wall Street through the use of junk bonds. It was built on the site, formerly occupied by the Castaways and previous to that, the Red Rooster Nite Club. The Mirage was the most expensive hotel-casino in history, with a construction cost of US $630 million. The hotel's distinctive gold windows get their color from actual gold dust used in the tinting process. Hotels employ a many people with a variety of skills. Hotels have plumbers, accountants, bartenders, cooks, grounds managers, telecommunications experts, and computer trouble shooters. Depending...
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