The Miracle of Melancholia

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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The Miracle of Melancholia

The thesis is stated in paragraph two, “The idea is this: A person can only become a fully formed human being, as opposed to a mere mind, through suffering and sorrow.”(Wilson, pg.223) I have so many things that have happen to me in life for me to relate this this quote. I lost my mother to cancer when I was 13 years old and growing up without her was very hard. My mother also left behind two kids 3 and 6 year old so being the oldest was hard because they really didn’t understand the reason my mother has passed away. So as they grew up they depended on me to talk to them about my mothers and things I think they should of knew about her. Eric Wilson supported his thesis very much with his writing. He talks about how he lost his parent also his brother with an illness and now he deals with this own illness alone. He brought out the sadness of his life and how it brought out the best of him. Everyone has been through a lot of tuff moments in their life and those moments have made people who they are in life now American addition to happiness is leading to things as pretending of happiness which comes from people who are around violence, and just hurtful things in life. People now days hide their feeling around certain people or even everyone. People walk around with smile like if their life is perfect and they never have problem but deep down inside they have so many problems in their life’s you wouldn’t believe it. There are a lot of older and younger people that use drugs to hide the way the feel and from stopping themselves from having break downs. Doing illegal things will never ever help you with your problems it will just make your problems even worse if it gets far to where the police gets involved. After your done doing your daily drug usage it going to wear off and the problems are still going to be there as they were before you too stuff. Most people need to learn from other mistakes, a lot of people especially young...
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