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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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I can’t ‘snap out’ of my depression

1) I can’t ‘snap out’ of my depression is a non-fictional personal account by Sarah McCaffrey.

2) This story is about a woman who has a depressive disorder and she’s explaining what it feels like to us. She first talks about how you can’t easily just ‘snap out’ of depression and explains how she’s tried to get rid of it with the help of medication and specialists. Next, she tries to give us a description on what depression feels like to her – something like a black swap bubbling inside her chest: heavy, wet and with cloying ooze. She mentions about how she's holding the depression inside of her, and even if someone asks her if she's ok, she will say, “Yes, I'm fine,” and resists the urge to say, “No I'm not, please help me.” She then says that depression is different between each person, and everyone else has their personal share in experiencing it. She tells us why she wrote this message – for those countless number of people out there right now ashamed of their own suffering. She finally talks about how it’s possible to escape depression, not in death, but from help in other people; she says, “we can’t be afraid to ask for help.

3) The purpose of this work was to help out the countless people suffering from depression by talking about her own problems out in public.

4) This story gives us a better knowledge on those around us who even though may not look it, are suffering from depression. We could use information from this story to help others who are suffering that someone cares, and help deal with their problems by interacting with one another. Depression can be caused also by loneliness, so by being friendly and social, we can help.

5) I think that the strong element of this story is that it’s been written by someone who has experience with depression. She probably can explain, and has a better idea on what she's talking about than a doctor, or scientist, or a...
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