The Mind of a Child Thief

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The Mind of a Child Thief
If you get in the habit of stealing I believe it always starts out in people as they are young adults or children. It’s greatly enforced by peer pressure, or in some cases, just wanting to have everything you couldn’t. For me once I got in it, it was hard to get out and almost became a routine and a drug to steal, such as my case making me a kleptomaniac. The need to do it for my case came from the thrill and adrenaline I got from doing it every time as well as having such a reputation that I could do these things. It was greatly influenced by my friends to keep doing it as well as my own inability to stop myself. Only after getting caught twice as a child, I was able to learn my lesson and turn my bad habits around with the help of my mother and the court system.

Stealing was an everyday thing for me, sometimes even twice a day. It hadn’t really taken off until my friends and I had access to transportation like one of our friends getting a car, and then we had no limits as to where we could go or how many stores we could go to. I also was trying to grab as much stuff as I could every time I went, trying to set a record for some obscene reason. I also was not the only one in my group that did this; I always had multiple friends join me and help me which only aided my bad habits.

I have been caught three times stealing. All which had great distances in-between First, I was nine years old stealing candy and bubble gum from the local convenience store. Second, I was 14 stealing from the same store, but this time the product of choice was 3.2 beers. Finally, I was 17 caught at Wal-Mart stealing a stick shift knob for my car. I believe had I had harsher punishments the first time or first two times it would’ve stopped my bad trend a lot earlier than actually done. At such a young age I was just given a slap on the wrist, not made to do anything, and I believe that was the turning point in my head thinking I was invincible, and anytime...
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