The Men Who Wear the Star

Topics: Texas Ranger Division, Stephen F. Austin, Texas Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Brandon Villasana

Critical Book Review

2301 History of Texas

(Robinson, Charles M.) The Wild West Magazine. “ The Men Who Wear the Star. (August 12, 2001) Web. (April 24, 2013).

“The Men Who Wear the Star”

In the earliest days of Angelo settlement were the Texas Rangers, who formally organized in the early years in 1835. The Texas Rangers, formed one the oldest law enforcement agency in a statewide jurisdiction based in Austin, Texas. The Texas Rangers were around to protect their state from the hostile Indian raids, to capture criminals and “lawless” people, and to restore order and peace during times of crisis. These factors are what made the rangers an important part of history and a renowned law enforcement agency. They had “ranging” crimes from the public corruption investigations, officer involved shooting investigations, acted as riot police an as detectives, protected the Texas governor, tracked down fugitives and act as a paramilitary force at the service of the both Republic (1836-1845) and the state of Texas.

In a sense, it was melted down by federal authorities in the post Civil War, reconstruction era, fleetingly reform upon the reinstitution of home government. The history of the Texas Rangers is the history of Texas itself. In 1820, Stephen F. Austin, best known as the “father of Texas,” requested and received permission from the Mexican government for 300 families to enter the territory of Texas. (1793-1836) By 1823, the need to create a force in order to provide the pioneers with protection from hostile elements became apparent. The Rangers have taken part in many of the most important events of Texas history and were involved in some of the best-known criminal cases in the history of the Old West, such as those of gunfighter John Wesley Hardin, bank robber Sam Bass, and outlaws Bonnie and Clyde. Scores of books have been written about the Rangers, from well-researched works of nonfiction to pulp...
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