The Mango Tree

Topics: Thermodynamics, Heat, Gas Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Gas Laws
Ideal Gas Law
Kinetic Theory and the molecular interpretation of temperature •Temperature
Thermal Expansion
Specific heat capacity
Expansion of water
Phases of Matter and phase changes
1st Law of Thermodynamics
Thermodynamic processes
2nd Law of Thermodynamics

1.How much heat (in Joules) is required to raise the temperature of 30kg of water from 15°C to 95°C? 2.What is the specific heat of a metal substance if 135kJ of heat is needed to raise 5.1 kg of the metal from 18°C to 31.5°C? 3.The Eiffel Tower is built of wrought iron approximately 300m tall. Estimate how much its height changes between July (average T=25°C) and January (average T=2°C). Ignore the angles of the iron beams and treat the tower as a vertical beam. (αiron=12x10-6/°C) 4.An ideal gas expands isothermally, performing 3.40x103J of work in the process. Calculate: a.The change in internal energy of the gas

b.The heat absorbed during this expansion
5.Sketch a PV diagram of the following processes: 2.0 L of an ideal gas at atmospheric pressure are cooled at constant pressure to a volume of 1.0 L, and then expanded isothermally back to 2.0 L, and then the pressure is increased at constant volume until the original pressure is reached. 6.Consider the following two-step process. Heat is allowed to flow out of an ideal gas at constant volume so that its pressure drops from 2.2 atm to 1.4 atm. Then the gas expands at constant pressure, from a volume of 6.8L to 9.3L, where the temperature reaches its original value. Calculate: a.The work done from a to b

b.The work done from b to c

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