The Man of the Crowd

Topics: English-language films, Short story, American films Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: March 23, 2013
The Man of the Crowd
The short story about the man of the crowd is quite enjoyable. In the story, characters are unnamed and the setting is in London at the D cafe. It’s started in evening autumn, when the unnamed main character is sitting down in D- café house London. He was ill for a month. That day he watches people passing by. Everyone is busy that day. the unnamed guy is looking with different people in the crowded city. Everyone is very busy passing the street .the unnamed guy caught his attention when he saw the businessman wearing a formal dress. They’re quite interesting as they talk about their own business. After that he notice the two junior clerks who’s wearing a black coats, and pantaloons. As he mentioned that those two clerks looks respectable and someday in future they will be honorable. As time pass by, different faces of people passing in the crowded city. The unnamed guy saw the street beggars whose present every day in the crowded city who’s searching to get back in their own home. In he saw young modest girls seems returning in their cheerless homes. As time pass by, it was already night fall, the unnamed guy mentioned about the gamblers in the city ready for gambling . he mentioned this gamblers wears a formal clothes seems like ready for losing money. At that moment, he caught his attention with one guy who seems like different and interesting. The unnamed guy started to follow the guy in the crowded city. Suddenly the guy disappeared in his vision, he notice that the keep crossing the street and then coming back again. The guy keep following the guy in the middle of the crowded street. Its already night fall. And he doesn’t want to lose his vision in the interesting man. He thought that this man is the incarnation of Retszch, it’s like this interesting guy  is caution, of penuriousness , merriment of excessive terror . that arose himself to follow the guy. That night, the rain suddenly fell down and cold breeze of wind . everyone in...
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