The Man of Property

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The text under analysis is called “The Man of Property”, it belongs to the pen of John Galsworthy. From the point of view of its structure it presents a piece of narration, which is an account of the main character's actions, a piece of character drawing (a psychological portrayal of the main character) and an inner monologue which is Galsworthy's favorite method of characterization. John Galsworthy was born in Surrey, England in 14th August, 1867 and died on 31st January, 1933 after six months’ of illness. He was 65 years old. . He was an English novelist of the 19-th century. In 1906, Galsworthy wrote The Man of Property and it was a great success. Galsworthy wrote books, plays, articles, and letters. He was very interested and concerned about many political and social issues. It is impossible to say who is the narrator in this extract, thus the conclusion may be made that the narration is anonymous. Though, the reader is made to feel the author's attitude towards the main character and the event described in the passage with the help of numerous stylistic devices. The theme of the excerpt is the main character's (whose name is Jolyon) discovering that his wife had left him and taken nothing of her personal things. And the idea is deep feelings and suffering which Jolyon has to experience because of that and the contradiction between his feelings and his sense of property. The author mentioned that he ``betrayed the Forsyte in him" meaning that such sorrows are uncommon for the Forsytes, all of whom are men of property despising human weakness. The plot is rather eventless and consists mainly in describing the main character's actions and thoughts. It includes all the traditional elements. Besides, the story may be divided into three logically completed parts. The narration and the first part, which is the exposition, begin with Jolyon's home. In this part of the story describes the morning and the recommendations of the doctor to the main hero. And there we...
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