The Main Duties of the Stage Management Team in Professional Theatre

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Summary of the Main Duties of the Stage management team.

The stage manager acts as chairman of all the production meetings. Responsible for communication between all involved in the specific production and to hand out any materials that will support communication and keep problems at bay. The Assistant Stage Managers as well as individuals that are part of the stage management team should attend all meetings and rehearsals. Assume active responsibility for the form and discipline of rehearsal and performance, and be the executive instrument on the technical running of every performance. The Stage manager may be the one who must insist on discipline. Also responsible for the assemble and maintain of the Prompt Book which is defined as the accurate playing text and stage business, together with such cue sheets, plots, daily records, etc., as are necessary for the actual technical and artistic operation of the production.
The Stage manager’s duties prior to Auditions

Read through the script and get familiar with the story, characters, scenes etc. •Chair and organize early production meetings as needed and attend the design meetings. •Talk to the director to launch the audition procedure.

Gather the required materials for the audition, for instance the audition forms, pencils, chairs and a piano. •Assign duties during auditions to the assistant stage managers. •Assist the director during the auditions. May be asked to type and post the cast list.(

The Stage manager’s duties prior to Rehearsals

?Sign out the Stage Manager’s Kit and keys.
?Bring together the prompt script. See the set designer for a plan of set if accessible. ?Set up a production calendar with the director, designers and technical director. ?Discuss with the director and make a master rehearsal schedule. Post the schedule on the call board. If the schedule changes due to whatever reason the faculty/staff designers should be informed personally by you. ?Put together a contact list with phone numbers of the production staff, cast and crew so that every individual can be reached at any time. •Obtain a copy of the floor plan and all other drawings from the Set Designer, familiarize yourself with it and tape the plan on the floor of the rehearsal room. The stage management team is responsible for removing the tape when it is no longer needed. ?Collect the necessary rehearsal props.

Prepare lines of communication with cast and production staff - email distribution lists, rehearsal reports, production meeting reports, call board notices, etc.(

The First Rehearsals Duties and Tasks

1. Creating a schedule for this rehearsal may help manage it. 2. Grant time for designers to show the designs to the cast and crew. 3. Pass out material to cast:
a. info sheet
b. standards of conduct
c. contact sheet
d. rehearsal schedule safety rules
e. indemnification form
f. performance activity form
g. scripts


Arrive before time and have the rehearsal area all set prior to rehearsal. •Be aware of those cast members who are not on time call them if needed. •Arrange time for costume measurements and consult the costume supervisor. •With the director, bring together a props list, sound cue list, and a list of any special effects that will be needed for the production. Distribute copies of the lists to the designers, technical director and properties master. The Stage management team is responsible for the synchronization of the various production areas. If any changes are made in the lists, the technical director and the appropriate Production Assistant must be notified in writing. •Keep lists of questions or needs concerning...
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