The Low-Price Strategy of Hasee Computer

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Hasee Computer Company was founded in September 2000, and in April 2001 its products come into market formally. In 2006, Hasee captures the second largest market share of computers in the Chinese domestic market. Lenovo has the largest market share. Hasee international sales department started business with Korea Market, and now sells more than 20000 laptops each month in the international market in 2006. In 2006 Hasee won the bid and delivered 15,000 laptop computers to the United Nations.

Unique advantages let Hasee rises rapidly.

It is reasonable that the advantage of innovation results in that of cost. Among the many PC brands, because of Hasee’s unique advantage of transferring from the upstream to downstream, Hasee started by the board, the independent production of motherboard and video card in China accounted for 30% of the market share. Contrary to most domestic manufacturers that depend on imports, Hasee is the only industry manufacturer that has the capabilities of producing both computer motherboard and video card, so the cost of the Hasee computer is about 20% lower than that of the others.

Otherwise, chain operation can lower the cost of sales channels. Hasee uses chain operation to operate its sales channels, and in fact across the country Hasee has nearly 1,000 chain stores. Obviously, this method can greatly reduce the operating cost of channels.

The disadvantages of Hasee will restrict its development.

Hasee doesn’t realize the importance of service. A person who works in a transnational electric company pointed out that Hasee doesn’t emphasize the importance of service. If Hasee does not attach importance to this point, service will become the bottleneck of its operation. And in the beginning the problem of service probably may not emerge. But if the company doesn’t satisfy the customers’ need, the company will be complained about the its products and customers will lose confidence to this brand. So company should have a good...
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