The Lost Loved One

Topics: Family, High school, Sophomore Pages: 2 (867 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Bridget Ladet
February 4, 2013
English 1301
Professor Lindemann
The Lost Loved One
On September 8, 2004, I didn't know that losing my mother while being at school, was the hardest thing of my life. I thought I was going to come home to the smell of her home made cooking, some barbecue she decided to fix for dinner, or even some food she had bought from Jack in the Box because she knew it was my favorite place to eat at. Being a sophomore in high school at the time, it was hard for me to concentrate in class for the next few days but I had to be strong for my family and my oldest sister. I thought I had lost it all because school wasn't an option yet along, living wasn’t one either. It all started on a dreadful looking Wednesday afternoon, I’d say around noon until 1:00 pm. At the time, I was a sophomore at M.B. Smiley High School on the Northeast side of Houston and we were on blocked schedules which is, you take 7 classes a day but only one of the classes you take every other day. It was lunch time and I had B lunch because it was in order from; A lunch being freshman, B lunch sophomores, C lunch juniors, and D lunch seniors. After lunch, we had to go to our assigned homeroom class until the juniors got prepared to go, then we would go to our 5th period class which at the time was communication applications. Not being in homeroom for 30 minutes, I saw my cousin to my class to get me out. As I go downstairs, I saw my uncle and my other cousin rushing me to leave with them. One of my cousins told me that my mom was in the hospital, the other and my uncle didn’t say anything. Upon driving to the hospital, I kept asking questions, is mom okay? Is mom okay? What’s wrong with mom? As we’re driving up to L.B.J Hospital in Houston, TX, I saw my family standing in the hallway with the looks as if something had happened but was not speaking. Soon as I saw my sister, she had given me the news that mom was no longer with us. She passed away by a heart...
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