The Loss of Privacy Will Be a Major Consequence of the Computer Revolution

Topics: Personal computer, Social network service, Central Intelligence Agency Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: March 5, 2013
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Gabriel Cruz
Report #4
The loss of privacy will be a major consequence of the computer revolution
The term of “Computer Revolution” refers to the tremendous change computers have had in Society because of its tremendous development in the last decade. This so called Revolution had facilitated the way we live in the last couple of years. The computers of today make life a lot easier than it was before, you can do anything with a computer on this days, from making an online purchase of any kind of product, chatting with any person doesn’t matter the location you are, or checking your monthly bank statements. However the Revolution also gave some other consequences rather than positive like the “Loss of Privacy”.

The Loss of Privacy in the Computer Revolution refers to the gain of personal information about an individual a Company of any kind or other unknown individual has in possession acquired from a Computer. Computers make it a lot easier for any kind of Organization or Government to monitor the personal information of any person that purchased any kind of product from that organization resulting in the loss of privacy. According to Kerby Anderson President of Probe Ministries International one of the biggest challenges raised by the widespread use of computers is privacy and the confidentiality of computer records (Anderson, 2002).

An artificial intelligence can save a tremendous amount of data in its hard drive, and with the share of information from banking databases, and some other sources of information like health insurance or car insurance, the government or any kind of organization can now more personal information about an individual’s than they know about themselves.

The CIA that stands for Central Intelligence Agency is a good example of a company that has the power of having any kind of information about a person according to the law, and they have the ability to acquire this information thanks to the computers. Kristyna Gordniak...
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