The Lincoln Lawyer

Topics: Lawyer, Law, Criminal law Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: May 6, 2011
Mickey Haller is a criminal defense lawyer, who knows how to play all the angles to lessen the charges or to help get his clients off. He runs his business out a 4 Lincoln town cars, (pg. 16). Earl Briggs is Mickey’s driver, who is paying off his debt, for a reduced sentence, (pg.16). Mickey clients are usually gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes and people who lead corruptive lives. Mickey does his best for his clients, by making sure they know their rights. He is their advocate and advisor. He will find loop holes and technicalities, in which to prove his client’s innocence. He also at times retains information, prematurely, to discover the angles of the prosecutors or those testifying on behalf of the victims. Most of today’s societies hate or strongly resent lawyers who protect the guilty or presumed guilty. They looked at Mickey as the devil, whereas he looked at himself as a greasy angel, (pg. 25). Mickey believes that the law is not about truth as much as it is about negotiation, amelioration and manipulation, (pg. 25). He does believe in the judicial system, but the law allows both parties representation. He believed that every case he took on was a house built on a foundation, poured by overworked and underpaid labors, which cut corners and made mistakes and then covered them up with lies. Mickey felt that it was his job to remove the paint and find the cracks, (technicalities and loopholes), that reduced his client’s sentence, (pg.25). In the beginning I had mixed feelings about Mickey, because he did whatever he had to, to help his clients appear innocent or to create a reasonable doubt in the mind of others. As well as the fact that he received information deceitfully about the approaches, angles and strategies of the other side. After reading this novel more in depth, I discovered that once Mickey became more humanlike exposing himself through his feelings of disgust and guilt for sending an innocent man to prison, I grew to like his...
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