The Lightning Thief

Topics: Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Greek mythology Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: October 22, 2011
The Lightning Thief
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The Lightning Thief is the first book in the series. It was released on June 28, 2005.

Percy Jackson is a 12-year-old with ADHD and dyslexia. Percy goes to a middle school called Yancy Academy, which is a school for troubled kids. During a field trip, Percy is attacked by Alecto, a mythological creature known as a Fury, who was disguised as his pre-algebra teacher Mrs. Dodds. Percy kills Mrs. Dodds with a pen sword that his Latin teacher threw to him. He is unaware that it is a powerful important sword. After Mrs. Dodds is gone, everybody acts like she was never there and Mrs. Dodds was replaced. Percy Jackson does not know this at this point, but this is because of the Mist (a magical aura that can manipulate thoughts and memory to keep humans from knowing the truth). Now only Grover, Mr. Brunner, and Percy ever knew she existed. After the field trip, Percy is expelled like on any field trip and on the last day and sees three old women cutting yarn, and gets freaked out. He rushes home and abandons his friend to go on a vacation with his mom to Montauk, but terrible weather strikes. Once Percy tells his mom what happened, his mom gets horrified that he didn't tell her. A satyr named Grover Underwood, and his mother Sally Jackson, then bring him to Camp Half-Blood, a camp for demigods: children with an Olympian Greek god for one parent. While avoiding the Minotaur's attacks, his mother is killed (or at least that's what Percy thinks). Percy then finds a strange strength inside of him and kills the Minotaur. He carries Grover down to Camp Half-Blood and faints on the front porch. Once he revives, he realizes he is in Camp Half-Blood. The camp is located off Long Island. There, he meets Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. They become good friends by the end of the novel. Not long after his arrival, Poseidon, the sea god, claims Percy as his son during a game of demigod-style capture-the-flag, when he is...
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