The Light Cone of the Event

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  • Topic: Light, Special relativity, Spacetime
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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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The light cone of the event

Planet Earth is a complex entity experiencing energetic phenomena that interact with humans in known and unknown ways, earth lights phenomena being one of them. Just as local geology determines the local soil and vegetation, and therefore the whole natural ecology of an area, so it also affects human consciousness. Many ancient sacred sites are located directly upon or close to areas of unusual levels of geophysical phenomena, where psychic powers are known to increase and metaphysical events take place. Such events on these sites can be thought of as what quantum physicists call space-like processes on the "Minkowski Diagram", which correspond to tachyonic processes happening faster than the velocity of light and can be in two or more widely separated places at the same time. Quantum transitions or "quantum jumps" are space-like processes... Each event is the origin of a future light cone and a past light cone... To gain Freedom in the dimensions, one must understand these high frequency invisible fields. Is the way we perceive the world right? Maybe we should view reality from a different perspective all-together. Looking for the answers on the rim of the abyss, looking for the "truth": On screen the thin spectral light bodies in perpetual motion dance in the hypnotic rhythms of entanglement, like life in constant flux, engaged in a fragile choreography in the land that gives birth to and nurtures them. The result is almost hypnotic. The sublime landscapes, although worlds apart, engage in a mystic conversation through light vortexes, where time and space do not exist. Watching the light trembling and changing shapes on the surface of the liquid body, the viewer is submerged for a few minutes into a state of relaxation and disengagement of the subconscious, following the image into an atmospheric dream mode. Then, the conversation between self and Self can take place, uninterrupted from the myriad other conversations of the...
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