The Life Styles Inventory™ (Lsi) Paper

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The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) Paper
MGMT 591
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) presents a series of questions in the areas of personal satisfaction, stress, effectiveness and quality of interpersonal relationships and then collates participant responses into a circumplex identifying 12 specific patterns or styles of thinking, behaving and interacting on a personal, management and leadership level--representing the essence of an individual's effectiveness. The circumplex provides a visual description of an individual's thinking and behavior and then compares results with those of other individuals who have taken the inventory in order to create self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses in order to create awareness of constructive behavior. The results plotted on the circumplex are divided into areas defined by higher order and lower order needs of satisfaction, security, task-centered and people-centered orientations. Within these spheres are 12 separate styles (humanistic-encouraging, affiliative, approval, conventional, dependent, avoidance, oppositional, power, competitive, perfectionist, achievement, and self-actualizing) which are subsequently grouped into three specific patterns: constructive (reflect self-enhancing thinking and behavior that contribute to one's level of satisfaction, ability to develop healthy relationships and work effectively with people, and proficiency at accomplishing tasks), Passive/defensive(represent self-protecting thinking and behavior that promote the fulfillment of security needs through interaction with people), and Aggressive/defensive(describe self-promoting thinking and behavior used to maintain status/position and fulfill security needs through task-related activities) (Human Synergistics International, 1987-2007.)

My Results
PositionStyleRaw ScorePercentile Score

Interpretation of Results: Personal Styles of Thinking
According to the LSI, my primary personal thinking style is Affiliative at 70% percentile and states that Affiliative people seek out, establish, value, and maintain close associations with others. These individuals appreciate people and enjoy being in the company of others. In fact, they tend to be most comfortable when among those with whom they have established strong emotional and social ties. It also says that family, personal and business relationships are all equally important to affiliative people. Others tend to see them as warm, trusting and socially skilled. They share their thoughts and feelings easily and help others to feel important and worthwhile. I agree with what this styles states about me when I look at my personal and professional life because this is exactly how I see myself. The reason behind this is that I primarily like to have a strong support system around me and also be supportive to others, whether it be academic-related, work-related, or related to my personal life. My capability to build these types of relationships with my fellow students, co-workers, or family and friends is something that I value very much and is evident in every area of my life. My Affiliative behavior can be seen in everything that I am involved in. One area, in which my affiliative style is apparent, is in my profession. As a Licensed Social worker dealing with the elderly, whom we call consumers, I am very helpful when it comes to getting a problem solved. If they have questions, I will go above and beyond in order to gain clarification for the consumer. In addition, at our initial contact I make it easy for them to talk to me because I am a genuinely concerned and cooperative. Then once they are finished telling me their...
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