The Life of Walt Disney

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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The Life of Walt Disney

The name Disney is known all over the world. Walt Disney earned his fame from years and years of hard work. He chased his dreams ever since he was a small boy. He was one of the most successful men in the world. But one of the greatest things that Walt Disney is known for is how he inspires others. All of these characteristics make up a great person, one to look up to, a hero. Walt Disney is my hero.

Walt Disney was an incredible man. In his early years Walt’s family was a fairly poor family that owned a farm for a little while until it was sold. While on that farm Walt learned the skills of teamwork and how to work together and be loyal. It was around this time that Walt discovered his love for drawing. “The lack of paper and pencils in the home forced him to sketch pictures of the farm animals with coal on toilet paper!” (Gitlin 20). As his life moved on he started working as an animator for Universal Pictures. He was later stabbed in the back as he was fired and the rest of his team remained there except for his good friend. He tried to be a producer but was rejected by everyone. Once he was doing somewhat ok many of his 1,500 workers went on strike! He overcame these hard times because he never gave up chasing his dreams! This is one of the reasons that Walt Disney is my hero.

Walt Disney was successful. There were times in his career where he became depressed because of going bankrupt, being stabbed in the back, and more. He pushed through the hard times and became successful. He started his own company that grew so large over the years. It created thousands if not millions of jobs for American citizens. He earned his way to the top which is heroic in of itself.

Walt overcame his depression and found happiness. He got married to Lillian Bounds on July 13, 1925 in Idaho. This didn’t solve his problems though. He still broke down occasionally when prices rose or other problems occurred. Later in his life when he became more...
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