The Level of Disaster Preparedness of Pangasinan State University Students, Lingayen Campus S.Y. 2012-2013

Topics: Emergency management, Disaster risk reduction, Emergency service Pages: 21 (5492 words) Published: March 22, 2013

A Research Paper Presented to
Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the
Course ProfEd 117 (Introduction to Research)

Ryan S. Oris

March 2013


I would to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to the people behind the success of this undertaking: * To Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo, Research Adviser for her very supportive and professional guidance and assistance; * To the Staff of PSU Library, for allowing me to borrow undergraduate thesis; * To Mrs. Helen Braga Mabanta, registrar of PSU Lingayen Campus for giving me the total population of enrolled students in this university; * Most of all I would like thank my families, friends and classmates for their inspiration and understanding; * And finally the Eternal and Gracious God, for answering and providing the needed intellect, strength, spiritual guidance in the completion of this study.

Phenomenal things happened because of this people. I wish that all blessings and love be showered upon them.

Chapter 1
The Problem and
It’s Background
I. Introduction
Preparedness in time of disasters known to be critical for households, communities and businesses but many people remains unprepared. Mindanao’s are blown in the wind, deaths in flashfloods. A shocking news that Typhoon Pablo’ pounds Mindanao last December 2012. It was approximated that this typhoon killed nearly 2,000 people and wiped out their livelihood and also residential areas. More than 90 percent of infrastructures are destroyed in Compostela Valley, Davao Oriental and parts of the Agusan provinces (Inquirer News). This disaster serves to emphasize the significance of the responsibility of individual, local coordination and effective plans to ensure the capacity to respond and cope from major unexpected events. Natural or man-made disaster may come in many forms, anytime, anywhere without advance notice. If we caught unprepared, it causes damage and devastation it brings to lives and properties. Disaster may strike in any place whether at home, in school, in church, in market, in the workplace or in the streets. Furthermore, students are one of affected in case of these disasters- one reason why government promotes enhancing skills and knowledge as a major instrument to cope with any eventuality that might come in life. As government’s prime duty is to avert and safeguard people from incoming disaster and other forms of catastrophe (CWTS Coursebook, 2009). In school or community, there are volunteer groups; training service and programs promoting the effective and appropriate measures in order to abate dangers.

This research assesses the end result of training services and programs to students. The purpose of this research is to examine the current disaster preparedness level of campus students at Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus in order to explore strength and weaknesses to be used in future campus disaster preparedness plans. If the University already aware with this knowledge, the university will be able to more effective plan, develop, and implement procedures in order to move in an efficient manner to preserve life and property in the event of a disaster on campus.

This descriptive research used a quantitative survey to assess the following research questions: What is the profile of the PSU- Lingayen Campus students in terms of age, sex and civil status? What is the level of preparedness in terms of natural and man-made disasters? What are the problems encountered by the respondents in the preparedness of disasters in terms natural and man-made disasters? This research used questionnaires to explore the status of their preparedness for a disaster. Significance of the Study

The output of this research is deemed significant to the following: * The Students. They will able to know...
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