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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Outline Disaster Information
Innovative Disaster Information Services
Ulrich Boes URSIT Ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria
National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

Disaster Management defined Data Organization The German standard for disaster mangement EU Policy Context


National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

Basics of civil protection and disaster assistance
Not only conventional …, but also

Disaster Management Cycle
Preparedness Prevention and Mitigation
•Hazard prediction and modeling •Risk assessment and mapping •Spatial Planning •Structural & non structural measures •Public Awareness & Education.. •Scenarios development •Emergency Planning •Training


•Real time monitoring & forecasting •Early warning •Secure &dependable telecom •Scenario identification • all media alarm

… new threats are in the focus of public discussion: - Terrorism - Attacks on buildings housing huge crowds of people - Extreme weather phenomena - Temporary breakdown of civilian infrastructure Possible consequences: - Large numbers of victims - Damage situations covering large areas - Intensive disaster relief - Great demands on the coordination of relief and rescue measures

Post Disaster
•Lessons learnt •Scenario update •Socio-economic and environmental impact assessment •Spatial (re)planning

Response Recovery
•Early damage assessment •Re-establishing life-lines transport &communication infrastructure National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

•Dispatching of resources •Emergency telecom •Situational awareness •Command control coordination •Information dissemination •Emergency healthcare


National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria


Two groups of data regarding to the actuality
1 Static Data:

Actors in Disaster Management
European Union
Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC)

POIs (location of hospitals) Population technical data of vehicles or instruments contact persons in committees or health organisation and all information on support-potentials for personnel, material and infrastructure 2 Dynamic Data:

National Level
Civil Protection

current meteorological data (observations, measurement results, etc.) readings of the ra-dioactivity measuring network current level of rivers and streams, and also forecast data of various other hazard warning systems 5

National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

General Public Data providers


National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

Decision levels in Germany

Civil Protection Organization in Bulgaria
Interministerial Coordinating Group

Federal Government

Situation Centres Crisis Management Group Situation Centres

Federal State Ministries

Regional level

Crisis Management Group Crisis Management Group Command Centres National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

Local districts



National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

Challenges for disaster management
Relatively small market Cooperation between actors and decision making User awareness and education Harmonization across the EU Interoperability Access to data Many data sources with difference access conditions

9 10

Services for disaster management
Services derive from disaster management cycle Data integration Location analysis: what is happening where Decision making support Communication First aid: who is where in need of what ………….

National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

ICT for Disaster Management
ICT is pivotal for disaster prevention and management Need for an Integrated Information System Response to crisis situations is limited by weak preparedness, lack of interoperability among involved organisations, inadequate early warning Measurement is critical Need for sensors

National PSI Meeting 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

Components of a DM solution
Situation mapping
Interactive and individualized mapping with annotations

Resource Management
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