The Leadership of Sergey Brin

Topics: Sergey Brin, Leadership, Google Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: August 4, 2012
The leadership style of Sergey Brin
Outlined by Darling and Leffel (2010).There are four main leadership styles, Analyzer,Director,Creator and Connector.Person's own leadership style was developed in their early childhood.During the process,one's main interactive leadership could be affected by the environment and education that could be also influenced by the level of assertiveness and responsiveness.(Merrill and Reid,1981)The way of people how to communicate,interact and work with each other is related to his leadership style. This essay will analyse the characteristics of Sergey Brin' s leadership style of Creator and Director and discuss how he has applied in his business career,therefore make him such an effective leader in the Google. The leadership is a process that based on the group in which the leader influence the followers by using their leadership idea and action(Northouse,2010).During the process,it is likely to cause misunderstanding and conflict that usually be viewed as communication problem or different personality.However,the roof of it could be concluded as different leadership style(Darling and Laffel,2010).Difference in leadership style usually frustrate members or even make a sense of resentment in entrepreneurial based organizations.Therefore,people tent to leave their position and find a new job(Shelton,Mckenna and Darling,2002).Lack of the ability to adapt the different leadership style was regarded as a major factor to lead to failure in leadership interactions and decision-making(Mccall and Lombardo,1983).Thus,the ability to be flexible is required.It is not enough to understand or accept one's leadership style only.More importantly,one must grasp the skills of flex that can change the way of function in the leadership team efficiently with the different situation, therefore the leadership team can benefit from the positive ideas that created by communicating and interacting with the members.(Hawkins,2002).Furthermore,the leadership...
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