The Killing Fields

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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“The Killing Fields” follows American journalist Sydney Schanberg and Cambodian translator Dith Pran during their time in Cambodia. Together they are working to cover the tragic events occurring in Cambodia from the chaos of the war. Over the course of the movie, Schanberg relies on Pran as a friend and as a source for information. The journalists are faced with conflict when they are at the French embassy and learn that the Khmer Rouge demand that all Cambodians be turned in. Schanberg and others help Pran to get out of this mess by making him a fake identity passport to be able leave with them. Unfortunately Pran’s new British identity passport is not accepted because the picture blackened and he is left behind in Cambodia. As time passes, Schanberg starts a search to find his friend. Pran is working as a forced laborer but is able to escape after a difficult journey. Pran makes it to a camp and is joyfully reunited with Schanberg at the end. “The Killing Fields” is a movie filled with adventure, uncertainty and tragedy. This tense war drama shows the hardships of true journalism. It shows what the journalists go through to the get the story out to the public. It also shows the unbreakable friendship that can develop while getting the job done. The film creates a compelling reality that make you feel like you are in the story with the journalists. The film illustrates the saying, “the time to tell a story is as soon as you can.” This highlights the importance of media coverage and fieldwork of journalism. This historical tragedy is important for an Emerson student to learn from. All historic events have media coverage and need to be effectively communicated to future generations. Emerson students can learn form this tragedy and discover how to report it in an effective manor. The Killing Fields is a riveting, unforgettable film to help put this historic event into perspective.

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