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Topics: Writing, Publishing, Death Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: February 7, 2013
The Boston Photograph By Nora Ephron
In Nora Ephron’s essay “The Boston Photographs,” she argues that readers should be provided with raw footage of what is really going on in the world around us on newspapers, even if the photographs are those of death of people. Nora Ephron writes about three very controversial pictures of a rescue attempt that failed in Boston which later on appeared on the news showing a 19 year old lady who died in the event. Ephron’s analysis of these pictures and public reaction in her essay show that she thinks, public reaction to the story would have been different under different circumstances. For instance, if the women survived people would have admired the pictures more. However if the child died too, the pictures would have received more complaints. Ephron believes many papers fail to show the truth, the reality that death is a main event in one’s life. For instance, a newspaper will publish a picture of cars involved in the car accident; however the crushed cars aren’t the significance of the story, but the people who died in the accident are. Ephron explains that this is how photojournalism can be more impacting than written news. According to Nora Ephron, these pictures should be published because they are a part of the story such as the story is itself.  According to Nora, these pictures should be published in order to teach the readers a lesson. She tackles a very important argument in her essay. The question of if news organizations should publish graphic images of tragic incidents, or err on the side of caution and withhold them has been itself a dilemma. I think it is totally irrelevant for newspapers to print out pictures of death people nowadays. It should be pointed out that death in itself is not such a rare phenomenon to rate much attention in newspapers, unless someone famous is involved. It is tempting to think that these stories maybe reported only because of the catchy pictures and not because of the...
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