The Internet and Family Relationships

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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The Internet and Family Relationships
Fifty years ago, a family would get together after a long day, eat dinner at the dinner table, and share the details of the events of their day. Families were connected with each other on a personal level and enjoyed each other’s company. Nowadays, it seems as though children and teenagers are too preoccupied with their cellphones, computers, and tablets to even carry on a decent and well thought out conversation with their other family members. Internet usage and electronics such as laptops and iPad’s have negatively affected the way children and their families interact with one another in a major way. In Adam Gopniks article “The Information,” Gopnik very briefly discusses how family life can be torn apart by cellphones and computers from the Better-Never’s view point. In William Powers’ book Hamlets Blackberry, Powers recounts stories about family problems relating to technology. Additionally, an article by Sook-Jung Lee and Young-Gil Chae called “Children’s Internet Use in a Family Context: Influence on Family Relationships and Parental Mediation” discusses a survey conducted on whether children’s use of The Internet affects their communication abilities with their families. In the debate over whether The Internet affects family relationships in a negative way, it is arguable that the most important thing to do is to monitor the websites visited by children to and limit the time spent using electronics by children and adolescents. It appears as though teenagers nowadays have a hard time connecting with their family members. Some tend to favor playing on their handheld video games or browsing Facebook on their phones than interacting with their families. Gopnik momentarily touches base on the idea that family life can be affected by children’s excessive use of The Internet. He references Powers’ book and adds a quote taken from the book: Somebody excuses themselves for a bathroom visit or a glass of water and...
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