How Internet Has Changed People

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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How internet has changed people
The Internet has changed a lot over the year and a lot of people really don't talk to each other anymore instead they talk either on Facebook or another Internet site. With all the things that you can do most families really don't spend any time with each other anymore because everyone is doing something on the Internet. Now a day’s people can log on the Internet where ever they are. Because the internet decreases face to face interaction, makes it easier to retreat into a cyber-world, and vastly polarizes opinions and minimizes basic etiquette, the internet has done much to divide the global population, rather than connect it. About 86 percent of the world population uses the internet on a daily bases. Over the years Internet has decreased face to face interaction quite a bit. Now days if someone want to talk to someone they will just video chat with them over the Internet on apple devices, cell phones, computers, and Xbox. Also when someone wants write someone else they don't get out paper and pen they go on the Internet and email them. Now days it is much easier to retreat into a cyber-world, than it is to retreat in this to in the real world. Social websites like Facebook and twitter have made people a whole lot less social than they were years ago. The average Facebook user creates 90 pieces of content every month! Internet has done so much to divide the global population, rather than connect it. Instead of families spend quality time with each other they are all in different rooms on the Internet doing different things. I have noticed over the years that a lot of people have become more depend on the internet that they don’t know what they would do without it. A lot of things for schools are now on the internet like for my math class everything is online and very little on paper. Now days most parents don’t see their kids because they are usually in their room on the internet doing different things like either video...
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