The Influence of Movies to the Learning Domains of Children

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This chapter presents the problem of the study and its setting. It consists of the introduction which presents the rationale and the background of the study, statement of the problem, significance or the importance of the study and the definition of terms and scope and delimitation. Introduction

Movies or motion pictures are considered as a mode of entertaining the audience in fact they are the most popular medium watched by all. People often watched movies because, aside from entertainment, it also provides ideas and information required by the people that can educate the public. Many people goes to movie houses and watch movies at home as a bonding moment with their loved ones during their leisure time. As parents they consider this as a time to spend and to talk with their children and as part of their healthy lifestyle, it also gives parents a little breathing space which can result in a child’s developing language, cognitive skills and a social tool to learn their interest. However, most parents are in a dilemma when it comes to deciding what films they should allow their children to see. At the same time, there are some others who do not feel the need to assess what kind of films their children watch. (Rupal Patel, 2008).

There’s a need to assess as to what movie should children watched because children’s film leave a profound footprint today on the personalities and development of child’s emotional, cognitive and social development. (Wendy Simons, 2001). It is proven internationally that film for young minds have increasing amounts of watching movies or the level of exposure to movies. Thus, this passive lifestyle of absorbing movies on a weekly basis or even daily basis shapes and molds a child’s thinking and even personality. It teaches them life-lessons that might, more likely be the opposite or what responsible parents or educators want to teach a child and trains them in a type of passivity which leads itself to depression and other mental issues. (John Hopkins, 2003). Moreover, the more problematic section is that the children are in the process of growing up (George Orwell, 2004). Therefore, anything they see in their favorite movie is emulated by them. In the Philippines, as a third world country, not all children were given a chance to go to movie houses with their parents because of financial incapacities, and not all parents can afford to have technology where watching movies is an accessible activity shared by the family members. Perhaps the only accessible means for children to watch movie is through their school and with their friends. In this light, the researcher will attempt to determine the influence of movies to children specifically on their learning domains namely: cognitive, affective, psychomotor and social domain considering the profile of the children in terms of age, sex, parents’ occupation, level of exposure to movies using the film genre and availability of technology at home.

Statement of the Problem
This study will determine the influence of movies to the cognitive, affective, psychomotor and social development of the children. Profoundly, this will answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:

2.1 Age
2.2 Sex
2.3 Parents’ Occupation
2.4 Availability of Technology accessible at home
2. What is the level of exposure of children in watching movie in the genres of: 3.5 Fantasy and Adventure
3.6 Action
3.7 Drama
3.8 Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)
3.9 Romance
3.10 Cartoons and Animation
3.11 Comedy
3.12 Horror , Suspense and Thriller
3. How do the movies influence the children in the areas of: 4.13 Cognitive
4.14 Affective
4.15 Psychomotor
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